Marburg Uni Tips

These informations are written 05.05.2017. Maybe some could be changed by time.

– Do not expect that book will be in library, even you found a book in the library homepage.
– Be aware that late return cost something. 1 day late for each material cost €3.

How to get Renthof
– There is combined two elevators for bring you from Pilgrimstein to Renthof – wettergese.  At the first glance, It might look like only for parking. But it is not. Used it if you don’t want to excercise for every lecture.

Student visa (Residency permit)
– Be “Ausländerbehörde” 1~2 hours before the opening time, if you want to get waiting ticket. I was be there 7am, even opening time is 8 am, I was 26th person. And they do not accept more than 50 person a day.
– Don’t need to make a Sparkonto with stupid amount of money, you will get a document for Sparkonto when you apply residency permit at “Ausländerbehörde”. It will tell you that how much you need to deposit on your account. – Marburg (maybe Hessen as well) Sparkonto 720€ per month.

– Deutsche bank could be bad in Marburg.
— For Residency permit, you need Sparkonto if you don’t have anything for proving your financial state. Then, Sparkonto in Deutsche bank costs 150€. And it will takes long because you need to send a paper via post.
— Their is no casher in Deutschbank in Marburg. In the case, you need to do withdraw some money from casher ( for example, you lost your card), you couldn’t.
— Not professional in Doutsche bank in Marburg. I asked some question by person. It was wrong information, so I wasted my time and money as well.
— You can make a Sparkonto immidiately in Suparkasse IN MARBURG, once you have passport and the document from “Ausländerbehörde”.

Bistro in Erlenring – meal with salad? shnitzel need to be hold?

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