A5 : Omicorn


  • Caution : Before sputtering, make sure that ion pump turned off


  • Adjust the sample position x,y,z
  • Bring the LEED screen down toward the sample ! Monitor the adjustment to avoid crush between LEED screen and  the sample holder 
  • Turn sample holder parallel to LEED screen
  • Turn on the LEED power measurement machine? 
  • Increase slowly filament current(Fil[]) ~ 1.65A
  • Adjust Emission current as 0.5mA
  • Set screen energy 7keV
  • Turn off the pressure measurement in top of the pressure monitoring shelf / orange light 
  • Adjust energy of electron till LEED image showing up  
  • Make the image clear as slightly adjust the sample position and focusing voltage/ 
  • Take a photo and write down the electron voltage related the LEED image.