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  • DNTT 구조가 Ag/Mica preparation 조건에 따라 어떻게 바뀌었는지 결과 정리 
  • C60랑 DNTT랑은 chemical reaction 안 일어난다는 문서 찾기 
  • C60랑 DNTT 에너지 레벨 확인하고, Electronic coupling 일어나는지 찾기 

— 어제 교수님이랑 이야기 한 것중에 적어 놓을 것 — 

I suspect that DNTT forms thin needle structure in DNTT depostion film growth if a prepared Ag/Mica stays in UHV chamber overnight. 

He suggests a mechanism for that with an effect of residual molecules on Ag surface. Some residual molecules in UHV, such as Oxigen molecules, can placed in between steps of large terrace which is expected surface structure with the preparation cycles. The filled steps provide smoother surface allowing deposited molecules to diffuse longer distance so as to form the needle structure.