Such a nice holiday with my favourite friend : Paris 2019

Preparation for 2 person, 4 nights

Train ticket : from Frankfurt to Paris


Accommodation : Airbnb outside of 20th area, Bagnolet.


To Paris

On the first day 14, April

wBecause of the late arrival, 23:00 we were so tired. Even though I can notice that the area where our accommodation is, is a nice suburb with old houses and small alley. It was lovely under the orange lights.

At Paris : On the second day 15, April

At the accommodation

We woke up late and finally looked up the accommodation. The house is well organised and decorated. Big windows let sun light come though to the whole house. Kitchen is kind of small, however it is tidy with everything so it looks like plenty of space still available. We discussed that If we have a chance, we would like to make our home like this. Sadly, however we did not take photos of the living room and our slipping room, both has big widows and terraces. Only kitchen picktures we made.

< slides of Airbnb accomodation Pic>

First breakfast at a town bakery

Tasty croissants, sandwich and two coffees


Walk from ” Colonel Fabien” to “Montmarte”

It was a beautiful weather to walk around. We decided to go Montmarte with some walk. So we picked “Colonel Fabien” station, that has little distance from the Montmarte and is next to a small liver. Once we out from the underground of metro, we can feel spring. Green trees are aligned though Paris old buildings.

Then found a interesting local cheese and street food shop. We bought some for a lunch. 22 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 Paris, Frankreich next to La Colbert cafe

———————- around 10€.

Eat the sandwiches at the liver.

164-172 Quai de Jemmapes.

Now heading to Mon, and now we are on a tourist spot!

Square willette

Before going up the hill, re-charge some energy with coffee!

Then walk & Foto

Top of the hill, restaurants and old-artists

I picked a perfect direction to coming down! We got a nice cafe

Arc de Triumphe : just a photo, too touristic, not our style

Then !!! First French dinner : in a bar restaurant ———————

Suppose to be done with out problem

sadly in this day, the Norte le dame got fire. Felt sorry.